Top Mineral Makeup Brand in the Philippines: Ellana Cosmetics

It was in 2007 when Ellana Cosmetics founder, Theresa Carbonel, was approached by her good friend, Coney, to develop a type of foundation that gave full coverage, but still gentle on the skin. This was when the Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation, with minerals as ingredients to create a flawless base, while protecting the skin from environmental aggressors, was born. Eventually, Theresa expanded the line and created more skincare infused-products—like primers, setting sprays, and color cosmetics.

Today, Ellana Cosmetics remains to be one of the most popular local beauty brands in the market, and the top mineral makeup brand in the Philippines. WeaveWorks assists in writing articles, producing videos, and shooting lifestyle photos that help educate their audience on the benefits of their products.

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